History of Hiran Minar


History of Hiran Minar

History of Hiran Minar


Hiran Minar is situated in Sheikhupura. 

Presenting Sheikhupura: 

Sheikhupura is a city in the Pakistani region of Punjab. Established by Mughal Emperor Jehangir in 1607. Sheikhupura is presently the sixteenth biggest city in Pakistan. The city is a modern place, and smaller municipality, situated about 38Km northwest of Lahore

Presenting Hiran Minar: 

History of Hiran Minar

Hiran Minar (The Deer Tower) is a mid seventeenth century Mughal period. 

History of Hiran Minar: 

Hiran Minar was worked during the locale of the fourth Mughal Emperor Jahangir. 

Purpose for it's name: 

Fundamentally it is a landmark of a deer that is the purpose for it's name. 

Construction assembled: 

The construction was based on the grave of the "Mansraj"(Royal Deer). 

Stature of pinnacle: 

100 feet. 


History says that "Mansraj" was the fortunate deer which got the situation with the pet to the Great Mughal King Jahangir. 

Later on this pinnacle was utilized to find the wild creatures to chase. 

Unprecedented enormous water tank: 

An extremely enormous water tank builds its excellence since water covers this design from all sides. 

A little scaffold: 

There is a little scaffold for walkers to associate this structure with land. 


A slant was underlying a side if the side of this pool; it was to work with the pet creatures of the Royal family. 


Water assortment and water leaving framework is truly noteworthy. 

The area of Hiran Minar is extremely great so as its current circumstance. It was perhaps the best spot to visit in the punjab territory. 

The locations of timberland are attractive. 

There is a huge water pool where people groups appear to be occupied in sailing. 

It is extremely remarkable and serene spot to visit. Outsiders additionally appear to be intrigued to watch this pinnacle of the deer.

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